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The TITAN Manual Board Edger is designed to offer a twofold solution to small and medium-sized sawmills. This robust machine edges material up to 40mm thick at high speeds, making it the ideal companion to the TITAN Resaws. It can also be run at slower feed speeds to rip material up to 107mm thick, making it an affordable alternative to a Gangsaw. Consequently, this TITAN product is a truly versatile machine. This machine’s primary function is to edge boards received from a resaw or a QVS (quad vertical saw). The wide arbour can be packed with multiple blades. By aligning the incoming board accordingly, it is possible to achieve a multitude of product sizes, simply and affordably. Whichever its intended use, this versatile machine is incredibly robust and easy to maintain. An affordable, hardworking solution for any mill!


• Optical scanning on the run
• Easy to use windows interface
• Mechanised material handling for fast, accurate board alignment
• Online support and troubleshooting available

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 Throat width 640mm (max material width)
 Min material thickness 12mm
 Blade diameter 375mm
 Blade kerf 3 - 5mm (Material dependant)
 Main saw motors 30kW (40.2HP)
 Feed motor & gearbox 0 - 130m/min
Electronic variable feed speed control
 Hold downs Driven, large diameter and high traction
 Optional extras Laser lines for board allignment
In and outfeed roller tables